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BEHIND THE STORY: Interviews From 20 Self-Published Authors Who Made it BIG is officially available both in Amazon KDP and as a PDF format!

BTS COVER smallIf there is one important thing I learned as I was working on this book, it would be the fact that I truly realized that if you really set your sights on something and really work hard for it, you’d be able to succeed. And that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask people for help.

Priced at $9  $5, this humble book is jam-packed with tips and resources from 20 self-published authors as they talk about their own self-publishing journey. What’s more, Mark Schaefer from BusinessesGrow.com had graciously shared his marketing insights as well as advice on how you can market your book.

Curious? Grab your copy now!

AMAZON – $5 (Price may vary on your location)


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The Middle Finger Interview with Ashley Ambirge

As I’ve said from my last interview post, I’ve noticed that most of my guests were guys. Not that I’m strongly against it or whatever, but I want to feature women as well. Not just any women though. I prefer someone who’s passionate about their work and has a kickass attitude that can blow anyone’s mind through wit and sex appeal. Guess what, I found a perfect person who embodies all of the above, and it’s Ashley Ambirge of the middle finger project.

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Design a life with intention

An interview with Jess Lively from http://jesslively.com

Jess is an Intentional Designer. She calls herself as such because she helps people design lives, homes, and businesses with intention.

I stumbled upon Jess’s website when I was searching for women who had found success pursuing their passion. I realized that I’ve been interviewing a lot of guys lately, and I needed to raise the women’s flag since I am one. (Go feminism!) Anyway, aside from being a fellow designer, what I find amazing with Jess is the fact that she helps other people find their own success the same way she did with hers.

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