Women empowerment: Rosie the Riveter speaks

rosie the riveter

This year, Rosie the Riveter celebrated her 70th birthday. Call me ignorant or whatever, but I didn’t know that Rosie was a real person. I always thought that she was just an illustration, an icon for women empowerment during the world war. So as a tribute, as well as my way of balancing things around here, (remember when I said that I realized that I’ve been interviewing more guys?) I present to you, Rosie the Riveter.

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Thoughts on turning 22

I am a year older. Does it make any difference aside from telling people that I’m 22 instead of 21 when they ask for my age? Well, honestly, I don’t feel any difference. Yet, looking back through the years, especially the last four, had made me realize that I’ve grown a lot as a person, and that I learned new things I never thought I’d knew. Take SEO for an example, and no, I’m not an expert yet, nor I expect to be one.

I'm 22

I still feel like a young adult most of time, though I’m seriously starting to make plans for the future which includes launching projects such as writing more books and exciting design projects. I also started working on my personal blog at denisewy.com and I hope to fill it with meaning full posts.

So, I guess that’s it. I didn’t plan on writing a life changing post since I don’t think that I’m in the position to do so, and I apologize if I wasted your time. ^_^

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The day has finally arrived!

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BTS COVER smallIf there is one important thing I learned as I was working on this book, it would be the fact that I truly realized that if you really set your sights on something and really work hard for it, you’d be able to succeed. And that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask people for help.

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